Luno Life | Founder

Built on exploration and innovation, we create gear, equipment, and accessories that enable a better lifestyle on the road.

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STEL | CEO & Co-Founder

A Santa Barbara, California based design consultancy composed of multifaceted talent and disciplines. Positioned in the heart of entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups, we deliver solutions that give life to a new generation of ideas. With a blend of Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering, our expertise includes technology design, lifestyle & sports, medical devices, and the global manufacturing industry. STEL’s team of creatives deliver new products and brands that translate into a measurable impact in the global marketplace, regardless of the category.

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ISOQUE | Founder

3D rendering & animation content management company that supports clientele in the manufacturing industry to develop advertising material, promotional media, product catalogs, new product launches, e-commerce content, and product animations.

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